Do you ever wonder what is the point of getting your car washed?  You get it washed today and it looks amazing and by tomorrow morning, it can be splattered in mud or the seagulls have left their calling card on your car!  But it is very important to get your car washed regularly, both for your benefit and for the car’s benefit.

Your car looks better

We have all seen cars covered in grime and dirt with “wash me” written on it!  A dirty car is showing your car off to its best advantage and quite simply, your car looks better when it is clean.

A clean car creates a positive first impression about you and your business

Although we know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, people still look at the outside of a car and make a judgement about the type of person you are.  This is especially true for a business person who is arriving to see a customer for the first time as a clean car creates a positive first impression of you and your business.

Car washing protects the paintwork on your car

Living in Northern Ireland, we are blessed with many birds and especially in the town of Larne, we have lots of seagulls.  But birds can leave their calling card (ie bird poo) on a car and if left there, it can scrape off the car’s protective coat which can damage the paintwork.  It is therefore really important to wash bird poo off your car as soon as possible.

Then in the winter months, your car’s paintwork faces another challenge – the gritters!  While the gritters make our roads safer for driving when there is frost and snow, the salt plays havoc with the car’s paintwork too.

Regular washing of your car saves money in the long term

By getting rid of grime, salt and bird poo regularly, you are actually protecting your car’s paintwork.  Repairing the car’s protective coat or getting a paint job is expensive so it is definitely worthwhile spending a few pounds on washing your car regularly.


We hope that you have convinced you to get your car washed more regularly and we look forward to seeing you soon.  The Main Street Car Wash is open every day (except Sunday) from 9am to 5pm.  We even have a VIP Membership Club which costs from £19.99 per month and this entitles you to as many car washes you like per month – so you could even come every day if you wish!


Drive safely!

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