The Main Street Car Wash in Larne is leading the way in car interior sanitisation in the United Kingdom with the installation of the Istobal Car Sanitiser on Thursday 8 October.  This machine is an affordable way to sanitise both the air and surfaces of the interior of your car.

Rising numbers of COVID-19 Cases 

“With rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in Northern Ireland, we have been listening to our customers who were concerned that coronavirus could be in their cars,” said Alan Murphy, the owner of the Main Street Car Wash.  “After extensive research, we discovered the Istobal Car Sanitiser and decided to install the Spanish machine at our car wash on Larne’s Main Street.  It is very easy to use but we assist customers when using it.  A hose is inserted into the car window and then the machine is switched on for eight minutes.  During this time, all the interior surfaces of the car are sanitised with ozone as well as the air filters and ventilation system.  Of course, the car is empty of people and pets while the machine is running!”

Airborne transmission of Coronavirus

According to research published by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention on 5 October 2020, people can sometimes become infected with coronavirus through airborne transmission, especially in enclosed spaces with inadequate ventilation such as a car.  Regular sanitising the surfaces and air in a car is therefore very important.  The Istobal Car Sanitiser uses ozone which is one of the most powerful disinfectants that exist in nature.  As well as eliminating bacteria and viruses by oxidation, it also destroys bad odours.  The process is completely safe for both people and for the environment.

Positive response from Larne residents and businesses

Local businesses and residents in Larne are absolutely delighted to have the new Istobal Car Sanitiser on their doorstep.  “As a taxi driver, I take pride in having a clean car for my customers.  But with COVID-19 circulating in the community, I want to reassure my customers that my car is a safe place for their journey,” commented xxxxx.  “It also leaves the car smelling very fresh and clean as well as sanitising the interior surfaces and the air.”

So find out for yourself and call in to the Main Street Car Wash for your first vehicle sanitisation at the introductory price of just £5 per car and £6 per van.


Stay safe!

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