During the COVD-19 pandemic, customer safety is of utmost importance to everyone at the Main Street Car Wash.  It is important to wash your car regularly but we want you to feel safe when getting your car washed.  We have therefore introduced a series of measures to keep everyone safe.

Social distancing

Our staff are observing the 2 metre social distancing guidance and we would respectfully ask customers to keep 2 metres away from our staff too.

Driving a customer’s car

We prefer not to drive a customer’s car but if a customer would like us to drive it (eg up the MOT ramp), we will wear disposable gloves.  When we have finished driving the car, we will wipe all the controls we have touched using a sterile solution (IPA 70/30 alcohol).

Our staff

Our staff are regularly washing their hands and using hand sanitiser during the day.


We would prefer customers to pay by contactless card payment but we will accept payments by cash.

Our hoover

After each customer uses the hoover, it is cleaned with a sterile solution (IPA 70/30 alcohol).

Hand sanitiser

Customers are welcome to use our automatic hand sanitisers which are available when entering and exiting the premises.


We hope that you will feel safe when you are at the Main Street Car Wash and we look forward to seeing you soon.  The Main Street Car Wash is open every day (except Sunday) from 9am to 5pm.


Stay safe and drive safely!

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